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To connect (guide) to our server, you will need to enter the following address into the minecraft connection menu:
IP Address:

Acrobatic fence-farms are not allowed

Due to the insane efficiency of this acro grinder, top acro players are having their skill reset.
Whoever has those farms has to take them off, further grinding will result in a punishment for glitch abuse, skill reset and money fee.

We will not accept any complaints about "it's unfair" or any of this, getting a skill from 0 to 1000 in a single day, that's unfair.

Edit: we're still thinking if to remove or keep the money generated with the bug, expect updates

Announced by Jqkandrei at 23rd Oct 12:46AM

Player market introduced!

To acces the player market, use /warp playermarket.

Want your own spot? Contact a moderator ingame!

Announced by Rico_burhenne at 20th Oct 3:20PM

Afk Machines are now against the rules.

Due too the amount of corruption afk farming throught afk machines have caused in the past, the staff has decided on making them against the rules. All types of farms, this includes water, rails, and portals. This not only improves the economy, but helps stop people from becoming too OverPowered.

You have one warning, if the staff catches you a second time there is a ban implemented.

Announced by Nikszabo at 7th Oct 7:42PM

McMMO Stats Reset


McMMO stats have been resetted, this because the gap between players was too big, I personally had 700 in few skills and you may agree it's not fair.

Announced by Jqkandrei at 6th Oct 11:11AM

Current Server Status: ONLINE!

The server is currently facing technical difficulties. We are sorry for the inconvienience, and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Please standby, and refresh this page for regular status updates!

In the meantime, while you're waiting, try connecting to!

STATUS UPDATE [3:40PM GMT-5/EST]: JQKAndrei and I have partially fixed the error... more details will be released when the server is back up and fully functioning again!

UPDATE #2 [4:34PM GMT-5/EST]: Looks like all the servers are running now, but no one can connect to them... Currently still working on a solution!

UPDATE #3 [11:57PM GMT-5/EST]:

Spartacus wrote:ALL servers have shutdown. For the time being, no one will be able to access them unless you have root access which no one has. The issue is being researched as I type this, so a solution will be find in a wide time frame. It could a few hours to a few days, idk yet. I can guarantee that it will be back up, I just don't know when. Hang in with me as I try to do this manually and figure this stuff out.

UPDATE #4 [1:26AM GMT-5/EST]:

Netherfoam wrote:Bungee was down, it's back up.

Server is now back up and running!

Announced by Amaterazu at 5th Oct 1:32PM

Server Update!

Congrats! Minecraft 2.0 has been created! It is now back online. Only thing, DO NOT USE SUB-SPAWNS YET. I am still creating them as we speak. After they are created, the battleground server will go on lockdown.

EDIT #1: Setting the sub-spawns is harder than it looks...

Announced by Spartacus at 4th Oct 12:09AM


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