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The Future of MaxGamer

Hi guys,

It has been a long time since this server has been maintained or been active with players, mostly due to my own inactivities. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to spend maintaining the server at this stage in my life, with a whopping 70-80 hours a week workload between my Software Engineering degree and job.

With my own inactivity, it means that the server is more unstable and worse for wear, decimating our consistent player-base. The server is not making money, and I feel guilty for anyone who does supply the server with donations for a cause I can't support myself anymore.

As a result of these factors, I'm here announcing that I do not plan on any maintenance on the MaxGamer server in the near future (The nearest development cycle I could do would be at least two months in the future, or six months after that).

I am not planning on shutting down the server unless my personal budget becomes too tight. I do not expect any form of help to pay for the server, and am heavily considering removing the option for automated donation packages in the future.

There may be increased downtime for the server as I'm unable to respond quickly enough, and there would be a (near) total reset if I return to restart the community. I know a number of players have made good friends here and enjoyed playing on our server, and we thank our most loyal of players.

Perhaps if I have the time and ability to begin restoring the server to its once favoured state, I will send an email to the most recent and most active players (Who supplied us with a valid address, in the forum control panel or when registering) to gather together our once great community.

Long live MaxGamer.

We had a good run, and I hope to see you all in the future some day;

Announced by Netherfoam at 15th May 11:58PM

Regarding 1.8 Username Changes

Hi guys,

When 1.8 is released, players usernames will be changeable - Users can go to and modify their official account username. This will cause many disruptions to the way most servers work, as currently your username links you to your shops, claims, bans, stats and (much) more.

As we're using a custom authentication system (Since we are an offline server) there won't be a huge issue with username stealing. However, anyone that changes their name will clearly lose all their progress, similar to simply registering a new account at MaxGamer.

Currently, we're not planning on cooperating with's tedious (And stupid) move. Anyone who changes their name will be treated the same way as users who use a cracked client to change their username (Which is allowed, unless evading a ban of sorts).

Any users who change their username and have Donor & VIP packages will not have their ranks after changing their name.


Announced by Netherfoam at 11th Apr 10:48PM

Runescape Release

Hi guys,

After much hard work, I'm happy to say that I will be releasing a beta of the server tomorrow, hopefully around 10am Eastern Standards time, also known as 12pm (Midnight) GMT or around 7PM in the US (I could never get your guys timezones right!) Friday night.

I'll see if I can't add some incentives for testing, such as a doubled exp rate or a few free levels and some starter-kit items.

The client will be available for download on the main page of the website, or here:

The client will not start until the server is live. You will be able to use your MaxGamer/Forum/Existing account to login, only, with your username and password.


Announced by Netherfoam at 14th Mar 10:12AM

Vip prices reduced, and new packages ingame!

Vip rank prices are now reduced to 15 usd, and two new packages have been added!

The two new packages are Quadrupple mcmmo exp, and an additional 10,000 claimblocks, both for just 5 usd!
Quadrupple mcmmo exp lasts for 30 days, the claimblocks and VIP rank are permanent.

Announced by Rico_burhenne at 23rd Feb 2:31PM

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐, 恭喜发财, 身体健康!

Hey, guys!

Amaterazu here!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone here @ Maxgamer! This year is the year of the Horse. Out of curiosity, what is everyone's Chinese Zodiac sign? For me, I'm the Rooster on the Zodiac Calendar. :P

Feel free to post here!

See you in-game!
- Ama =^_^=

Announced by Amaterazu at 31st Jan 12:44PM


Hi guys,

Dynmap is currently rendering for the server again which means that we will likely undergo some lag spikes. The map however will be accessible here: DynMap.

Cheers everyone,

Announced by Netherfoam at 27th Jan 9:07PM


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