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To connect (guide) to our server, you will need to enter the following address into the minecraft connection menu:
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New website! - We have moved!

Hey folks! The new website is ready, up and running! ==[]== This forum/site will no longer be used, however you can view it on this domain: which we will keep up as an achive.

See ya on the new site!

Announced by Iversen at 5th Apr 1:49PM

Re: Regarding username changes

Hello. Recently people has been changing their in-game name, which was possible from the 4'th of Feb. causing problems with people "losing" all their stuff that was attached to the previous username.

If you change your name, please PM me telling your house and overall just everything you want to be transfered to your new account name, and I will transfer it to you. Locked chests, claims and stuff like that. Note that I do not know what this will do to your in-game clan, if you're in one.
PM (private message me) on the forums from your old username

Announced by Iversen at 10th Mar 3:15AM

New spawn!

Heyyy guys! The new spawn is finally here, ready to be used!
Simply do /spawn to get there ^_^

Please tell me if there's any mistakes - that you can do serden stuff that you're not suppose to or stuff like that.


Announced by Iversen at 7th Mar 3:25PM

Clans are once again back + more![/img:30fk9ewv]
I present you.... Simple clans! A new clan plugin very alike our previous MaxClans which is sadly outupdated.
The features of SimpleClans:

Clan tags are currently disabled, as it'd be messing with our current chat system. Though when you just do /g, /l, /tell,msg whatever, your clan tag will show ClanName.username: message.

[i:30fk9ewv]Creating a clan costs 5000 in-game!

This is just beta, so please, report bugs, and leave suggestions here!

New spawn -
We're working on adding a new spawn, it's gonna be awesome :p
Built by Lexwesker, JQKAndrei, some copy pasting by iversen and help from nikszabo!

What are you waiting for? Go create a clan! :p

Announced by Iversen at 23rd Feb 11:03AM


We've been having some problems with a slight hacker attack. *Edit* we're open again.

Announced by Iversen at 16th Feb 6:57AM


Hi guys,

Unfortunately due to the new UUID system, it appears that we cannot use custom tags anymore, so I am disabling them on the website. This includes any tags made available after a certain amount of playtime. If you have purchased a custom tag, let an admin know and I'm sure they'll modify your tag as needed. Otherwise, this is the unfortunate end of the tag system.

Apologies, UUIDs have screwed us all over;

Announced by Netherfoam at 2nd Feb 9:44PM


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